Iso-Flate Anti-static conductive inflatable seals

Iso-Flate® Anti-static and conductive inflatable seals

The ISO-FLATE brand now includes materials that can be produced with additives that make the finished product either ant-static or conductive in electrical surface resistivity value. Due to ATEX requirements, most sealing products that are generally insulative in nature are more becoming required to have anti-static properties when used in potentially explosive environments. It is not generally a problem in making elastomer compounds anti-static, the polymer would have a high level of carbon or filler. the problem becomes more challenging when both anti-static and FDA compliancy is required.

Our latest addition to appease this legislation is our EPDM HD365, this material ticks both of these boxes, we are now manufacturing EPDM FDA conductive Inflatable seals that are 104 in surface resistance value. Please ask any of the Sealing Projex team for further details – Specification sheets are available upon request.